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Bora Bora may feel worlds away, but this internationally acclaimed island is well within reach. Where is Bora Bora, exactly? The island lies just northwest of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. Your inevitable love affair with this island will begin before you touch down with breathtaking views from the plane’s window. 

From the day you arrive until the moment you part ways, you will be in awe of soaring mountain peaks, turquoise lagoons, and luxury overwater bungalows.

Whether basking in the crystal-clear waters of Matira Beach or snorkeling alongside sharks and stingrays in Coral Gardens, blissful Bora Bora is the definition of a luxurious tropical getaway. 

Jewel of the South Seas


With a varied landscape encompassing mountains, beaches, and endless hills, plus more than its fair share of cultural heritage, Italy ranks as one of the most multifaceted and diverse countries in the world.

The cuisine and world renown wine in this uniquely boot-shaped country is one reason to add it to your bucket list, but the historic cities, pristine coastlines and endless museums will assure you that one visit is not enough.

From the north to the south, Italy swarms with magnificent destinations, from stunning cultural metropolises like Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan to lovely hospitable southern towns and villages such as Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento, and Positano. Whatever city and region you choose you can never go wrong and Italy will never disappoint. 

Bel Paese


Costa Rica is more than a travel destination; it is an interactive sensory experience. It is one of the most biodiverse and naturally beautiful places in the world. The country has an array of majestic volcanoes, misty cloud forests, stunning river valleys, and pristine beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts.

Tropical forests and birds in almost every color of the rainbow are a signature of the nation’s landscape. The vibrant color extends to your plate when you feast upon the nation’s tropical cuisine.

In Costa Rica, your vacation will be anything but boring. Enjoy the views with a day hike to Cerro Chirripó or spend time in the underwater sanctuary of Isla del Coco. One minute you could be walking through a forest canopy on a suspension bridge and whitewater rafting down river rapids the next. Adventure abounds in Costa Rica. 

Pura Vida

Costa Rica



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